Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset Review

One thing that Corsair is not known for is its audio product line. Most likely because until now it has not had one. With its new HS1 Gaming Headset Corsair is attempting to navigate some very uncharted waters but it is looking like Corsair has managed to pilot around the rocks.


Corsair is one of the most recognized brand names for PC enthusiasts when shopping for quality system components. For sixteen years, Corsair has manufactured high performance PC memory modules that have earned the loyalty of both overclockers and stability seekers alike. During the course of that long term success and recognition, the company decided to expand its brand strength and strategy to include the manufacture of quality PC cases, power supplies, and unique cooling solutions. We have thoroughly examined all four of the above named categories here at HardOCP.

The company has once again decided to expand its range of products. Corsair has created its first entry into the PC gaming headset market. PC gamers demand stylish, durable, and reliable sound products. Corsair believes that its talented designers and engineers have translated past success and experience to create a totally new product that will further cement its place as one of the brands of choice for PC enthusiasts.

Today, we will test Corsair's HS1 USB Gaming Headset to see if its price, performance, and quality set it apart from other competitor's solutions.

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Currently the Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset can found online at for $99.99 with free regular shipping. lists the product for $99.99 as well but with $7.68 in regular shipping costs.

Corsair's website and the product packaging state that the headset carries a two year warranty, and that fact is worth emphasizing. Many headsets and headphones only carry a one year warranty.

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Corsair's packaging is very eye-catching with its striking blue, black, and gray color scheme. The back and side panels of the box list all specifications and features that discerning buyers should look for in a gaming or any other type of headset or headphone. The box displays all of its facts in six languages, but the size of the print will make some buyers have to squint to read them.

Corsair packages its software CD for the headset in the back of the cardboard carrier of the headset itself. We like this placement better than if the CD has just been dropped in the package last as an afterthought.

Our headset came to us directly from Corsair, but a quick check of online retail sites assured us it is the same retail box our readers would receive upon purchase. Next, we are going to examine in-depth the technical aspects of the headset as well as its appearance out of the box.