Seasonic M12II-620 Power Supply Review

Seasonic is back with an old favorite aiming to make it better for the end user by giving you now Bronze level 80 Plus certification. Our tests are more harsh than 80 Plus' tests, so let's see how exactly Seasonic's new M12II 620 watt PSU takes to our more stringent testing conditions.


Torture Testing

The final component of our load testing involves our 8 hour torture test. This test is meant to simulate what gaming or hardware enthusiasts might encounter when they use their systems for extended periods of time under stressful conditions such as 3D gaming or long term stability testing and benchmarking. However though, we do not suggest using your power supply at 100% loads for extended periods of time and our torture test does reflect this. We load the PSU being tested to ~80% of its rated capacity for 8 hours at a temperature of 45c. This is outlined in our testing Methodology should you wish to have more information.

Torture Test Results

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The Torture Test is equal to approximately 80% of the rated capacity of the Seasonic M12II-620Bronze at 45c. This makes the Torture Test equal to 503W by loading the 12v rail to 38a, the 5v rail to 5a, the 3.3v rail to 4a, the +5vsb to 2a, and the -12v to 0.5a. At the end of the 8 hour Torture Test we find the Seasonic M12II-620Bronze still doing very well. In fact, the 12v rail’s various readings have actually moved up over Test #3 at 120v and the minor rails have moved down just barely. This is really interesting as the severe drop off we saw in Test #4 must then happen somewhere between 80% and 100%. The efficiency however has moved down a touch to 83.69% while the exhaust temperature hits a relatively warm 70C.

Load Testing Audio Impressions

Previously, Seasonic has produced some of the quietest power supplies we have tested (notable exceptions to this being from Enermax and BFG). However, some of Seasonic's other designs (such as the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750) have been downright loud, even in our ~53dBA testing environment. Today, however, we are looking at a lower powered (620W) Seasonic unit than we have seen in some time and the higher noise output found on non-Seasonic branded units above the ~650w is likely not to be a factor today. And by likely, I mean it is absent as the M12II-620Bronze sticks to Seasonic's roots of being almost dead silent. Sure it is not actually silent like the X-750 through 25% load but it easily matches all other Seasonic units we have seen to date in our perceived general noise output levels. At no time was this unit audible in our test environment, and even when it was out of the incubator it was virtually undetectable. As such, this seems to show that Seasonic continues to produce products that are certainly appropriate for quiet cooling environments.