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Nexus NX-5000 R3 & RX-5300 PSU Reviews

Nexus is back with us today and we have a look at two of its computer power supplies; the NX-5000 R3 and the N-5300, both 530 watt units. One of these new units is "Real" and very small in terms of form factor and both are nearly silent. Are these units supplying quality power along with silence? We find in our testing.


Nexus Technology BV was founded in 2000 as a company focused on quiet cooling for all manner of enthusiast needs. Typically, it has marketed fans, HSFs, cooling accessories, and so on. However, it has also maintained a small line of power supplies which we are interested in today. Nexus branded power supplies have not been extremely high profile in the USA to date, but with its recent announcement of power supplies ranging from 530W to 1100W that have an advertised noise profiles around 15.5dBA, it is sure to make a very quiet splash if the PSUs live up to the marketing. Today we are going to start off by looking at two units, the NX-5000 R3 and the RX-5300 which are produced in conjunction with ATNG.

ATNG Power Co. LTD (I Horng Power Co. LTD.) is one of the larger providers of power supplies in various markets including the United States and is fairly well known to many users. As a company ATNG has been in business since 1987 and currently has a production capacity of ~900,000 units a month. ATNG branded power supplies can be found under other brands such as Rosewill, older BFG Tech models, Coolmax,, some ABS, the ATNG brand itself, and others. Typically ATNG power supplies have not been what most users have considered to be a premier product offering but with the increased competition in the power supply market of late ATNG has released a number of new products that are of great interest to us including today’s Nexus branded unit.

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RX vs. NX; It has got to be better than Ecks vs. Sever

The NX-5000 R3 and the RX-5300 represent just the second and third units we have seen from Nexus and one of the few times we have seen ATNG based units (though lately there does seem to be a wave of them). The RX-6300 proved to be a competent, albeit not stunning unit, in all of our tests. It's short warranty, non-existent support, and dicey transient response were just enough to keep its stunning silence from bringing home the bacon so to speak. Today though, Nexus has two more units for us to look at. One from their NX line, and another RX based unit. How will these two compare? And what does Nexus have to say about them?

NX-5000 R3

The Nexus NX-5000 Real Silent Power Supply has been a best seller since its introduction in 2003. Now we have put our engineers to work to make a true revision to improve the product in every aspect possible. And we are proud of the result. The new NX-5000 has more power, has a higher efficiency and is quieter - a lot quieter in fact.

The New NX-5000 provides 530 Watt True Power and the efficiency level meets the 82 Plus Bronze standard. We sticked to the Black and White appearance, but made the chassis a bit smaller. In the years components get smaller and more efficient so lesser space is needed to house all the necessary parts. Your system benefits from this little bit of extra space as there is more room for airflow and cooling. And as icing on the cake the new NX-5000 has a great looking X-mesh sleeving to keep the cables nice and tidy.

We are proud to offer this amazingly silent 530 Watt power supply to you: Nexus NX-5000 R3


Nexus power supplies are designed to provide your PC stable and efficient power to guarantee perfect PC performance. Yet we have set everything in motion to make this power supply the quietest in the market.

We have set everything to work to make this model the perfect match of components and parts to have a ultra high efficiency, stable and quiet power supply that deserves the Nexus label.

And we are proud to offer this amazingly silent 530 Watt power supply to you: Nexus RX-5300 Modular Power Supply

Now that we know what Nexus expects from these new power supplies let’s see what we have to look forward to when we purchase the NX-5000 R3 or RX-5300 in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.