ABS Majesty MJ1100-M 1100W Power Supply Review

ABS has a long history in the do-it-yourself computer components market. ABS was the company that spawned the creation of Newegg. ABS has had its own computer power supply line for some time, but overall the products have been weak. Is the latest ABS Majesty true royalty at 1100 watts, or another PSU court jester?


Build Quality

As we already know the ABS Majesty 1100W features a single 135mm fan design that is used in the same vein as 120mm fans in that they can provide for quiet cooling environments due to the ability to move a larger volume of air at slower speeds than a smaller diameter fan. The 135mm fan is just short of the largest diameter fan we are likely to see in ATX power supplies given the physical constraints of the form factor. While great for quiet computing environments the key criteria in our evaluation is whether or not the cooling solution is sufficient, not necessarily it’s sound output level or form factor, although we certainly listen for offending units.

External Build Quality

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Cosmetically the ABS Majesty 1100W comes decked out in nicely polished and shined gray finish that is a bit nicer than the ATNG built Nexus RX-6300 we recently saw. One other difference we notice between these two housings is the ABS embossed logo on both sides of this unit. The fan used on this unit is a single 135mm overhead one which dominates the top of the unit. The rear is perforated for airflow and lacks a voltage selector switch indicating it is full range, which would be fairly normal in this day and age. Lastly, the front features the modular interface which differs slightly from the style we saw on the RX-6300. There are four PCI-E connector slots all colored red to differentiate them from the other connectors while all of the connectors in general are run in two equal rows.

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The ABS Majesty 1100W itself is ~6 1/2 inches long while the fixed cables provide a serviceable length of ~22 inches and the modular cables provide a serviceable length of ~22 inches to the first connector. The sleeving is mixed with the fixed cables being black mesh and the modular being the flat ribbon style modular cables.

Internal Build Quality

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Once we pop the top on the ABS Majesty 1100W we find a rather modern looking ATNG built unit. This is the first DC-DC synchronous rectification based unit we have seen from ATNG to date and it is great to see ATNG moving along to these newer, more efficient, and higher powered (in general) designs. The heatsinks used in the ATNG-built ABS Majesty 1100W however, are the exact same as the ones they have used in every other unit we have seen from them to date no matter if the unit has a single coaxial 80mm fan or a 120mm+ overhead fan. Obviously, with this design we see that there is little surface area to dissipate heat in the air stream generated by the ABS branded Globe Fan rated at 0.45A at 12v.

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On the primary side we see the bridge rectifiers along with the APFC power components are bolted to the main primary side heatsink right behind the APFC coil. To the left of the APFC coil we see the pair of Nichicon primary capacitors that are rated at 270uF 400v 105C. Behind those capacitors we finally find the APFC controller on a PCB.

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As we swing over to the secondary side we see the thoroughly modern DC-DC design being used by ATNG. The two cards, situated here in line with the coil for the 12v rail, house the VRM’s for the 5v and 3.3v rail. The capacitors used on the secondary are a mix of CapXon polymer, and standard capacitors. The wiring that surrounds all of this is generally well kept and routed either out of the unit through a wire guard or to the modular interface. The modular interface appears well constructed and is generally clean looking.

Build Quality Summary

The overall build quality of the ABS Majesty 1100W is good, and to date the best we have seen from ATNG. The exterior of the unit features a nicely finished semi-modular design with a partial complement of the ribbon style modular cables. The finish itself is a decently high gloss over gray and looks good without being extremely flashy or gaudy. Once we move to the interior of the unit we find that the unit sports the most modern design we have seen from ATNG so far in our testing, and sports a nice clean build which is something we have seen from most previous ATNG units. The primary side houses Nichicon capacitors while the secondary has mostly been upgraded to solid capacitors in place of standard electrolytics. These capacitors, however, are all from CapXon which certainly trails the likes of Nichicon on the primary. Overall, the build quality, integration, design, and majority of the components on this unit are very good which is a considerable upgrade from what we have seen from previous ATNG units. So let’s move on now and see if this continues with the load testing results.