Eyefinity Challenge in Dallas, TX

AMD, HardOCP, 100 gamers, five ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity boxes, 5 single display boxes, and Call of Duty 4 team deathmatch. You got to like that. And one Eyefinity box to play Modern Warfare 2 on projected onto three screens giving you over 24 feet of horizontal pixel real estate.


There is no doubt that we here at HardOCP have been energized by ATI Eyefinity Technology since we first saw it back in September. Eyefinity is truly the first thing that has gotten me excited about gaming in a long time. Ah the progression... I remember finally getting to 1600x1200 as a playable resolution. At the time it was truly the Holy Grail of gaming pixels. Then 30" monitors and playable 2560x1600 resolution became a reality. Now for the past few weeks I have been gaming at 3600x1920 resolution, which is literally more than 3X the HD resolution of 1080P. Yep, three 1080p (Actually these are 1920x1200, so they are a little bigger than 1080p vertically.) displays turned on their sides. It is truly a phenomenal experience!

There is one huge thing that sucks about Eyefinity though, and that is getting you, yes you, to understand its impact on your gaming experience without actually using it. The great authors of our time could hammer the technology with adjectives for days, and until you sit down and game on it, you likely are not going to "get it." We laid it out in our Eyefinity review, "If you get chance, don't take our word for it, please go experience it..." But just how the hell are you supposed to do that?

AMD thought the HardOCP review really hit the mark and took to heart the previous quote. AMD wanted folks to experience Eyefinity and see what they thought about it. So early in October the "Eyefinity Challenge" was born, with the first one to take place here in Dallas reaching out to the local HardOCP community. I have now watched multiple gamers’ Eyefinity suspicions melt away while gaming on an Eyefinity system.

Eyefinity Challenge Goal

The goal of the Eyefinity Challenge was to expose gamers to Eyefinity in an environment where they could compare and contrast their own gaming experiences between single screen gaming and Eyefinity gaming on identical systems. We then pulled some video interviews and asked them about their experiences and what Eyefinity brought to the table for them if anything. Basically HardOCP real-world experience stuff at a gamer level. It was my decision to not keep score or stats and to not have "Eyefinity vs. Single Monitor" matches. I wanted the gamers more focused on having a good time and seeing if they enjoyed the Eyefinity experience rather than "benefited" from it, although there was a lot of feedback focused on actual benefits during the interviews.

In the coming weeks you will see some of the interviews that we shot so you can see what real gamers had to say about experiencing Eyefinity. Most of those folks are fellow [H]'ers that we reached out to here in Dallas, TX. We even had a couple of guys drive in from over 280 miles away to get their own Eyefinity experience!

Eyefinity Challenge Outcome

We here at HardOCP and the folks at AMD and Alienware thought the Eyefinity Challenge was a tremendous success.

Below are some shots from the event. If you look at the pictures and think the event was not crowded, you are exactly right. Over the course of 8 hours we brought in 100 gamers to play on Eyefinity systems. We did not want to have a bunch of people standing around watching other people game. We wanted every person that walked through the door to get a chance to game on a single display system then get to play on an Eyefinity system so they could get a real sense of comparison between the two. Once we had gotten our group to migrate through playing on both systems, they could then enjoy the other demos shown below or get back to team deathmatch on our ten systems we had networked.

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One demo that stole the show was the 24 foot/7.5 meter wide screen that was built on the spot that morning for less than $50. Vibrating Brain made that happen and it was simply something that had to be experienced. We will have HD quality video coming soon of the screen in use.

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A Big Thanks To:

Thanks to the gamers at AMD that had the passion to bring this level of gaming to the HardOCP community. It supplied the gaming boxes consisting of MSI 785G motherboards, Phenom II 965 processors, and Eyefinity enabled by a single ATI Radeon HD 5870 video card in each system. Alienware was also a big help in making this event a reality as it supplied all the brand new Dell 23" P2310H Widescreen Flat Panel Monitors we gamed on as well as bringing along an Aurora ALX system to show off. (At the time, the monitors were under $200 each on sale; now $249.) We also owe a huge amount of gratitude to Monte Fontenot, CEO of Vibrating Brain. Without Monte's talents in organizing events of this type, there is no way we could have pulled this off in less than a month as we did.

Last but not least I would like to personally thank all the [H]'ers out there that shared their Saturday with us. Without you guys, none of this could have been a success. I think most of you found it time well spent. Hopefully we will see the Eyefinity Challenge in other cities and countries across the world.