Enermax ECO80+ 620W Power Supply Review

Enermax produces some of the best computer power supplies in the world and has a great reputation for doing just that. We take a look at what Enermax does when it gets green and drops the price point for those of us on an enthusiast system building budget with the ECO80+ at 620 watts.


Enermax Technology Corporation is a company that is well known in the world of power supplies and general computing alike. Founded in 1990 Enermax has made a name for itself by providing solid performing power supplies, among other computer components, and accessories. Enermax' current lines of power supplies encompass a wide range of products targeted at various market segments including the Liberty ECO, Infiniti DXX, Galaxy EVO, ECO80+, MODU82+, Revolution85+, and PRO82+ series.

In addition to being a retail presence with its Enermax brand power supplies, Enermax Technology Corporation appears to be one of the few real OEM designers of power supplies. Its power supplies however, have only rarely shown up under other labels including Grow Up Japan and Sapphire. For the most part Enermax appears to be a factory-to-retail presence with its own discreet lines of power supplies including today’s Eco80+ 620W (EES620AWT).

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Powering a Greener Tomorrow, Today?

Today marks the 7th time we have had an Enermax unit for review and the 3rd shot at one that falls in to the ~600W range. Todays ~600W offering is the next to bottom rung of Enermax' ladder (with the Tomahawk being below the ECO80+ line) but still falls into Enermax' newish "Eco friendly" philosophy. Previously, we have seen great success from this new direction and these designs from Enermax so anything they can do to push these designs down through the ranks can't be all bad. With that in mind, what does Enermax have to say about these ECO80+ units?

Everybody wants it all: Efficient & stable power for her or his PC and without hearing it running, all at an affordable price!

Being certified as 80 PLUS is quite a must-have to minimizing the electricity bill, but having ENERMAX’ patented SpeedGuard fan control with the acknowledged lowest noise profile worldwide, won’t let you hear the 12cm ball-bearing fan working, while saving your money. The as well patented AirGuard inlet reduces air-turbulences furthermore. The FUTURE ready! 12P socket offers upgradability for possible future CPU or GPU connectors. Being in a true ATX standard housing of only 140mm length let it fit even in most HTPC systems. An 115% capacity transformer and a special heavy-duty version Japanese main capacitor keep the output stable even at full load, while TRIPLE AC + DUAL DC EMI Filter keep the current cleaner than others, making it 24/7 @ 40آ°C ready!.

But ECO80+’s key feature is safety. As the world’s first PSU series, it obtains a dual UVP (under voltage) protection by having dedicated AC UVP (brown-out protection) & DC UVP for output integrated in the industry-leading SafeGuard function with additional OCP, OPP/OLP, SCP, OTP and OVP protections.

Oddly, that all sounds familiar (probably because it is the exact same marketing as what we saw with the Liberty Eco 620W). So let’s move on to see what else may be just like that unit when we purchase the Enermax ECO80+ 620W in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.