AMD Next Generation ATI Radeon Eyefinity Technology

Just a few snapshots to show you some of the capabilities of AMD's next generation Radeon Eyefinity graphics card doing what it looks like it will do best. Muti-monitor gaming is back from the dead...with a vengeance!

Update: Here is my own Eyefinity configuration in action.

AMD Next-Gen GPU in Action

We spent a few hours with AMD today out in Sunnyvale, California looking at its next generation GPU. We can't tell you a lot about the video card since we are still bound by our Non-Disclosure Agreement until the product's launch date in a few weeks. However, AMD is allowing us to show you what is likely the most impressive feature this video card has to offer, besides the monster performance increase over current top end AMD GPU hardware. The demo system shown is utilizing ATI Radeon multi-monitor gaming technology.

What you are seeing below is a single air cooled AMD next-gen video card in a consumer ATX case powering six LCD displays. No tricks, no switches. Six 30" LCD panels with DisplayPort, and one "Evergreen" video card. This card is a future product that will likely be for sale around the holidays, but on launch day every card will support no less than 3 displays.

ATI Eyefinity Gaming

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Dirt 2 DX11 title yet-to-be released running at 7680x3200 resolution. This game was very playable on our multi-monitor setup.

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Carrell Killebrew, Director of GPG Product Planning, shows us his 1337 World of Warcraft skillz at 7680x3200 resolution.

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A quick shot of Google Earth and the USS Hornet Aircraft carrier where AMD will be officially talking about the product tomorrow night.

Also a quick shot of myself playing Left 4 Dead at 7680x1600 resolution with a 3-wide ATI Eyefinity setup. Running plenty fast for a first person twitch shooter.

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And finally Brent Justice and myself getting it on in Street Fighter 4; Rufus vs. Honda!