EVGA X58 SLI Classified

EVGA decided to take the Intel camp by storm with its introduction of the X58 SLI Classified on to the Core i7 scene. Boasting a vast array of overclocking features and hardware optimizations, this could very well be the board to beat…


Gaming Benchmarks

As always, these benchmarks in no way represent real-world gameplay. They are all run at very low resolutions to try our best to remove the video card as a bottleneck. I will not hesitate to say that anyone spouting these types of framerate measurements as a true measuring tool in today’s climate is not servicing your needs or telling you the real truth.

The gaming tests below have been put together to focus on the processor power exhibited by each system. All the tests below consist of custom time demos built with stressing the CPU in mind. So much specialized coding comes into the programming now days we suggest that looking at gaming performance by using real-world gameplay is the only sure way to know what you are going to get with a specific game. Our Real World Gameplay CPU Scaling would be a great place to start.

Graphs are labeled as follows: Motherboard - CPU Type & Clock Speed - Memory Speed

Lost Planet

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The X58 SLI Classified board manages a strong showing it competitors in this DX10 based gaming test.

Call of Juarez

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As anticipated the X58 SLI Classified performs on par with the other systems. The GPU bound nature of this benchmark makes for a good overall system health check.

Quake 4 v1.4.2

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While the X58 SLI Classified’s performance lags slightly behind the pack, its performance in this grueling gaming benchmark is well within error tolerances.


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Yet again, the X58 SLI Classified manages to show strongly performance-wise against the other X58 based boards.

FarCry 2

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While the X58 SLI Classified does fall slightly behind the other boards, its performance remains strong in this gaming benchmark.