Intel Core i5 Performance Preview

We take our retail purchased Intel Core i5-750 out for a spin and pit it against Intel's Core i7-965, We tweak the i5-750 to run at the same processor and memory speeds. i5 at 3.2GHz/1600MHz vs. i7 at 3.2GHz/1600MHz.


Multimedia Benchmarks

Outside of gaming and encoding, there are few applications on the desktop that will push our systems to its limits, this especially becomes apparent when we start talking about multi-core processors that are now the norm. Some multi-thread aware encoding and editor applications are starting to reach into all available threads and truly utilize the processing power of these multi-core CPUs.

The benchmarks below all represent very real world situations just like you would run into at home while encoding video from your camcorder - or while using a picture or video editing program - or while encoding music for your iPod - or encoding a DVD for saving it to your hard drive to allow you easier access to the content. Also we have included a WinRAR, a very popular zipping program used by many when sending files or posting for download.

We have simply timed our various tests on the different systems and supplied you with the amount of time it took for the system to fully build the file. Scratch disks were used properly as well as making sure we were not bumping into any IO bottlenecks elsewhere.

LAME 3.98.1

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LAME is very singular when it comes to threading, or lack thereof. Given that we have two Nehalem cores in a CPU single threaded dependent application, our bars are as close to being the same as they can get.

WinRAR v3.80

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WinRAR is somewhat memory bandwidth dependent and very processor clock dependent. Our i7 is certainly victor here, but I am unsure as to how much HyperThreading is coming into the mix here. A bit more testing on our part will be required to see how much a difference the i7's extra channel of DDR3 is impacting this score.

TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress v4.6.2.266

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TMPGEnc is highly aware of the threads available to it. I would suggest that HT is having a bigger impact here than memory bandwidth.

Videora IPod Converter

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Much like TMPGEnc, Videora is highly thread aware too. I would suggest the differences we are seeing here are due to HT.