NF200 "True" 3-Way SLI Preliminary Results

We take a look at NVIDIA's answer to "true" 3-Way SLI on current Intel X58 chipset equipped motherboards. We all know SLI on X58 was a good thing, but do gamers need to pay for the NF200?

Today we have a new video published which covers some of the discussion surrounding the NF200 chipset is being used on the ASUS P6T6 WS "Workstation" Motherboard that we have previously reviewed here. The use of the NF200 chipset in addition to the Intel X58 chipset has been touted as "true" 3-Way SLI, or 3-way CrossFireX for that matter, but what does it mean to the gamer?

If the video is not loading for you, here is a direct link to it at the host's site, albeit not in native resolution. Sorry for the problem.


Please join us in this HardForum thread to discuss our NF200 results.

Supplemental Materials

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HardOCP's "Ultra" FarCry 2 Benchmark File and Performance Data.

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