BFGTech ES-800 800w Power Supply

BFGTech comes back to HardOCP’s computer power supply review program a full year later, and this time BFG comes loaded for bear with an 800w PSU that actually has new features that should certainly interest most high end PSU users and hardware enthusiast alike.


BFG Technologies is a well known graphics card supplier whose products have been a premium choice of computer gamers and hardware enthusiasts for several years. Today, however, a quick check of BFGآ’s website shows that the days of simply supplying high end video solutions are a thing of the past and it is spreading out into a number of areas including branding computer power supply units, or آ“PSUs.آ” BFGآ’s power supplies have to date typically been built by the Taiwanese company Topower or more distantly in the past ATNG. However, today the times they are a-changin' and we have the opportunity to look at a brand new power supply product from BFG that comes from a new OEM for BFG in the ES-800 (BFGR800WESPSU) built by Andyson.

Andyson is a company that end users may or may not be familiar with as they have provided the basis for a number of Hiper power supplies, Sunbeamtech power supplies, and probably at this point most famously Ultra. Ultra has used Andyson to produce some spectacular products including to date the single highest DC output power supply for a standard PC available in North America the Ultra X3 1600w. Todayآ’s Andyson built offering comes in at exactly half that DC output but represents a radically new design for Andyson built units that promises to be interesting as we will see in a bit.

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Once Bitten Twice Shy?

The first time we reviewed a BFG power supply the results were less than what both BFG and we had hoped for. That was exactly one year ago today, and in that year BFG has launched a completely new program to revamp its power supply product lines by bringing in knowledgeable engineering talent and new PSU original equipment manufacturers. The first of the products from this program we have here today in the form of the BFGTech ES-800 PSU. Now while BFG has previously marketed power supplies in the 1000w range the ES-800 is not quite that aggressive and is slotted into BFGآ’s lineup at the 800w level displacing the current Topower built 800w unit. Since this new PSU is slotted into the same range as the previously offered Topower built 800w unit, what makes the new ES-800 different from the previous 800w unit BFG offered?

BFGآ’s new ES-800 power supply features four PCI Express connectors for multiple graphics card support, the new 8-pin PCI Express connector, Quad +12V rails and 80% and up efficiency and carries NVIDIA SLI certification for 8800 GTX.

By using آ“Frequency Conversionآ” technology, the ES-800 power supply can actually emulate virtually any size power supply up to 800W and therefore be at least 80% efficient, even with loads as low as 10% of the unitآ’s maximum capability.

The product information for the ES-800 is certainly fascinating in regards to the آ“Frequency Conversionآ” technology allowing the unit to emulate any size power supply up to 800w. This feature is certainly going to be of interest to a number of people and is a serious change from previous BFG offerings. So letآ’s move on and see what else has changed as we look at what we get when we purchase the BFG ES-800 in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.