Ultra X2 Extreme Edition 750w Power Supply

Ultra hits rock bottom with a 750 watt PSU that claims NVIDIA SLI certification. Make a note to stay as far away from this flaming hunk of crap as you possibly can. If not, we highly suggest you make sure and have a fire extinguisher handy.


Ultra Products is a marketer of a wide variety of PC products ranging from media readers to computer chassis to power supplies to cables to memory and on through a seemingly unending list of product categories. It has had its fair share of trials and tribulations as some of their PSUs got off to a rocky start in North America, but overall what we have seen out of the company in the last year or so has shown a somewhat matured product line. Because of this, Ultra is now fairly well known in both power supply and regular PC peripheral circles. Some credit for their brand awareness is also due to the striking looks of many of their products which set them apart in the early days of its marketing effort. All this coupled with the wide use of modular cables is what drove much of Ultraآ’s high profile in the power supply market. To date all the Ultra power supplies we have reviewed have been from the X3 or the X-Pro line, but today we have the opportunity to review a product from Ultraآ’s X2 line the X2 750w (ULT40121). Unlike the X3آ’s and X-Pro 600w EE which were built by Andyson and the X-Pro 750w which was built by Seventeam, the X2 750w is built by Wintech, not all long-time OEMs in the PSU business.

Wintech Electronics Corp is a relatively new manufacturer having been founded in 1997 and is name that like so many other power supply manufactures is most likely unknown to most readers as they have little to no real retail presence on their own in the North American market. They have, however, provided OEM services for some companies past and present that do have a presence in the North American market such as Rosewill, Sinetek, Levicom, Chieftec, and CompUSA. Most notably though Wintech products have been associated with Ultra as they stepped in after the original X-Connect run that was problematic for Ultra and took over OEM duties for a large portion of Ultraآ’s product line before Ultra began shifting to Andyson for their X3 line.

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If there is one word in marketing that is sure to set your product apart from all others, it is liberal use of the word آ“extreme,آ” ok maybe not. Today we have plenty of آ“Extremeآ” with the Ultra X2-Extreme Edition. Having seen a number of Ultra power supplies now and even a 750w power supply from Ultra's X-Pro line, how is the X2 750w Extreme Edition different from all these previous units? What can it give us that Ultra hasn't already covered with all their other products?

All New Redesigned 750 Watt X2-Extreme Edition (X2)

Just when the technicians and designers thought they had the perfect power supply in Ultra's legendary laboratories, its crack team of geniuses one-upped their own incredible product. Enter the hard-working power supply with the glossy titanium finish آ– the X2 750 Watt Power Supply.

Why X2 is Better than Ever

If youآ’re familiar with the X-Connect (1st Generation) you know that itآ’s the worldآ’s first completely modular design. That means you only have to connect the cables you need. This leaves your systemآ’s airflow unimpeded by clunky, chunky air stifling cables. The end result? Airflow that cools and protects your precious components. This born-to-be-modded power supply goes several steps beyond its award-winning predecessors. The Ultra 750-watt titanium finish X2-Extreme Eddition(sp) features FlexForce technology, which delivers easy cable routing while remaining hidden within your case. FlexForceآ’s special design allows air to travel 30-percent more effectively than standard cables. This results in a quantum leap in performance. Plus the 750-Watt X2-Extreme Edition dresses its cables in a sleek, titanium UV reactive finish.

Dual Rail Technology for More Stable Power

Specially developed for extreme gaming rigs! This 750-watt X2-Extreme Edition features Dual Rail Technology. The X2's critical 12V power are divided into two separate rails. This distributes cleaner power to your CPU, offering better stability and greater overclocking potential. Youآ’ll get phenomenal system performance with the this 750-watt X2-Extreme Edition!

While much of the information positioning this product is interesting, some things like the benefits of dual rails are up for debate. However, one item that really isn't up for debate. The original X-Connect was a just plain bad product PSU, even though it had innovative features. So, if I were Ultra I would try and not remind users of the first X-Connect or associate it with current product lines in advertising after all the damage it caused reputation-wise, just as Ford does not try to leverage the آ“Pintoآ” brand.