Mega-Heatsink Roundup - 0407

Big bucks for big units! We pull out the stops and put 10 big bad cooling systems and heatsinks to the test. What coolers deliver you the best temperature drop for your hard earned dollar? We spell it out for you on a unit by unit basis.



Well now that is a bit interesting isn't it? With a lot more power added to the mix we begin to see a clear picture of how these heatsinks hold up under pressure. Of course the truly surprising ( or not as you may expect ) result is just how well the Ultra-120 performed against the much more expensive Freezone. With only one degree separating the two I was incredibly surprised to see just how well Thermalright's flagship cooler was able to dissipate all that heat. Of course there is a lot more to be learned than just which is the best. Let's break it all down on our conclusion page.