Puget Systems Dual Core Custom

Can $2600 get you a dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, a top-end video card, and backing from a quality company? We ordered a custom-built high-end computer from Puget Systems and subjected it to our systems evaluation program.

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This is the latest installment in the [H] Consumer Systems Evaluation program, and we invite you to take a moment to read our editorial on how we evaluate computer systems.

In our opinion, the best way to evaluate what a PC consumer will go through is to go through it ourselves. We intend to evaluate not only the hardware, but also the entire purchasing process from start to finish. We also evaluate the technical knowledge and the support of the vendor. Therefore, the only way to do this is to purchase a system آ– just as any other customer would.

We donآ’t get hand-picked, extensively-tweaked systems that are not for regular consumer consumption. Instead, we take a sample from a companyآ’s everyday production queue and look at everything from an average consumerآ’s perspective.

Weآ’ve evaluated computers from Velocity Micro, Gateway, PC Club, Falcon Northwest, and ABS. Now Puget Systems joins the club.

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From the Washington with the apples, not the one with the nuts.

According to Pugetآ’s Web site, Jon Bach, who ran the company out of his home, started Puget Custom Computers as آ“Puget Sound Systemsآ” in 2000 but by July 2004, they moved to an industrial park in Kent, WA. They operate exclusively online, and have no retail presence.

Puget makes a strong claim on its Web site:

The thing to understand is that we have gone to great trouble to structure our business in such a way that our goals are, by necessity, the same as yours! Since we have a commitment to the complete support of your computer system, we can save ourselves a lot of time and money by providing a computer system that doesn't fail! It seems perfectly logical and straight-forward to us -- we can't imagine why some companies would use low quality parts. It just doesn't make sense! Furthermore, we do not hire salesmen. We hire qualified technicians. The same people that talk to you before your purchase are the people that build your computer and give you support after your purchase. We have better things to do than hire a kid without computer experience to feed you canned answers. It all ties back to our philosophy that the best way to run a business is to focus on your product. Get rid of the hype, and focus on your goal -- quality computers!

We thought weآ’d put their claims to the test, so we ordered a $2600 custom computer solution from them, which we modified somewhat from their pre-configured high-end computer. Weآ’re going to take a hard look at what we got.