BFG Technologies

More guys showing up to fill the recent VisionTek void and they claim to be packing Big Friggin' Guns. We give you a look at who they are and what they are wanting to deliver when it comes to selling VidCards in North America.

New Sheriff in Town?

Well, we don't know if we have a new sheriff or not but these guys certainly seem to be pointed in the right direction. Let's explore BFG Technologies a little and see if they have might have the right stuff when it comes to selling guys like me and you 3D gaming cards.

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Who Is BFG Tech?

BFG Technologies is currently comprised of a few of folks, and you might already be familiar with a couple of them. Jack Slevin is CEO and John Vosicky is CFO of BFG Technologies. You may or may not be familiar with them, but the next two folks have a very good chance of ringing a bell. Scott Herkelman is Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development. Scott was once a senior buyer at Best Buy and more recently held the position of Director of Business Development position at VisionTek. John Malley is Director of Marketing and Public Relations and also held a Director of PR position with VisionTek as well.

What we have here is a group of folks that want to continue selling VidCards in North America and realized that there is about to be a big gap in the market as VisionTek continues on their road to "Going Going Gone". Word is that VisionTek is almost completely out of the picture, but are currently still struggling to stay together as a company although it is my opinion that they will never again hold the position in the market they once did even if they manage to fight off their current situation.

BFG Tech is an incorporated, privately held company that will be based in Illinois.

How Are They Going To Do This:

While we could not track down an exact figure, we were able to find out that BFG Tech has somewhere between US$8M and US$10M of venture capital funding that was released to them today. Certainly a nice start.

We also have the understanding that they are getting the needed support from NVIDIA. That means that NVIDIA will be working with them to make sure they have the needed support to build the cards as well as the needed GPUs to put on those cards.

What is really amazing here is that we were told that Best Buy and CompUSA have both already given BFG Tech verbal commitments to sell their VidCard brand.

Enough with the business side of things though, let's talk about the product.