The Original BlowHole Case

This is how I kept the original Celeron 266 nice and cool while it is smokin the big 448mhz! This is how I kept the original Celeron 266 nice and cool while it is smokin the big 448mhz! This is how I kept the original Celeron 266 nice and cool while it is smokin the big 448mhz!

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Thought that you might as well see where "Da Spaz" lives. He has been there so long that vegetation has cropped up and a cow kicked off right in his front yard. I have been asking Spaz to clean it up to no avail. There used to be an El Camino up on blocks where the cow is but I think Spaz pimped it out for extra voltage or something. OK, now to the serious stuff.

Da Blow Hole

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These two are gonna interest you. He is my patent pending, copyrighted, trademarked, and proprietary licensed, "Blow Holeط¢آ®". Yes, that is a fan you see there through the cover. In all actuality it doesn't blow at all. It really pulls air into the case. I was going to call it "Suck Hole", but I thought it might hurt my marketing edge. An abrasive saw, a ruler and a little free time is all you need to give your CPU that breath of fresh air it really wants. See the power cords? The vent directly below the those is the exhaust vent for the power supply fan. From the manufacture, the fans pulls air in. That was pulling air over the power supply, heating it and blowing it on the CPU. I took out the power supply and reversed the direction of the fan. No more hot air blowing on the processor. If you smoke a lot around the intake vent, you might get sued by some government dudes for intentionally and knowingly exposing your puter to Second Hand Smoke! The rich tobacco lawyers will come and get you, no Unreal or Quake2 in prison, punkboy.

Air Flow Logistics

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Here is a shot with the cover removed and set "endways" on top of the case. You notice the two fans bolted together in series. They are strategically mounted which you will see in a bit. You ask, "Why two fans, Mr. FrgMstr?" Well, I'll tell you why. I wanted the air flow to be released as close to the CPU as possible. Therefore allowing as little diffusion of the airstream as possible while not using any ducting or baffling. The two fans bolted together just happened to span the distance I needed to travel with the unadulterated airstream. An engineer in Houston explained to me that I would get much greater airflow using two parallel fans and a ducting system. That was just way too much work that would have killed my buzz, and besides the two fans bolted together look really cool! Yes, that is Stimpy in the corner.

The Cooler so far...

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This shows the placement of the CPU right beside the power supply. Dropped in a pic of the Celeron 266 just in case you have not had the chance to eyeball one yet. About all you can see is the heatsink and fan mounted on it. The front of the case is to the right and the rear to the left. Just trying to keep you guys and gals on course. The Celeron is placed longitudinally for all you big-brained folks out there. Didn't mean to scare you backwoods boys with the big words, sorry. You can come back to the screen now. The processor is not "mounted" in any way. I just plugged it in the slot and it doesn't fall out. Guess I'll save those "real" PII brackets for later.

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I am trying to show you here, just exactly how the fans sit directly over the CPU when the case is on. This is the cover sitting next to the case in the same manner it would be if secured to the case. The two fans extend to approximately 1/4" from the CPU. They blow ambient temperature air on the CPU. If you have the AC on in the casa', you are going to get a stream of air directed onto the CPU of about 72 degrees or so. If you don't have AC in your residence then you should sell you computer and by an air conditioner. What are you? Nucking Futs? It is hot as hell round here! I actually left the AC off the other day and let it get up to 85 degrees inside the house. The chip temp still hung in there.

Side Cooling

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OK, last but not least. Here is a side shot of the bottom of the case. There is another intake fan under the little white box. You can also see the case fan mounted by the cards. I made a little bracket and stuck the fan on with "gorilla snot" then mounted the bracket with a simple screw. Gorilla snot is 3M Weatherstripping Adhesive. If you use any of this stuff be extremely careful. It is freaking nasty. I did however use it to stick the bumpers onto my old Volvo. (No kidding and no, I drive a Jeep now.) Anyway, the fan blows directly onto the Voodoo2 card. I am going to go back and cut a hole in the side of the case to allow the same ambient airflow to blow over the cards. I have not Oc'd the Voodoo2 yet, but I figured what the hell, I got a fan left. I'll be prepared to burn that card up later this way.

What did this Accomplish?

Well, I think we actually accomplished quite a bit with very little. With 5 case fans and one heatsink/fan combo I was able to bring the system temperature down by 10ط¢آ°F. That is over a 10% reduction in heat. This allows my system to coast in around 87ط¢آ°F while running at 400mhz and around 92ط¢آ°F at 448mhz. This is the temperature taken by the Mobo. I am experimenting now with a more precise measurement method. While I am sure OC'ing of this magnitude cannot be good for the CPU, the lack of heat is going to certainly be a factor in chip's lifespan. The system is running a bit hotter at 448mhz because of the increase in voltage. The highest temp I have seen since I added the "Blow Holeط¢آ®" is 93ط¢آ°F. Before that I was seeing temperatures of around 99ط¢آ°F. Good luck guys and gals, drop me an email if you have any questions.

Just For the Record

Just to let you peeps know, I DO NOT get paid for doing this. I am simply having a lot of fun helping y'all out and sharing some ideas. If Azzo gets some biz out of this, they lend more hardware for me to play with. Just thought I would let you know I not trying to jack y'all or something.